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ALL Shapes - Wax Melts: Regular Scents (6oz - 19oz) NEW WAX FORMULA

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 Product Description

NEW WAX FORMULA EFFECTIVE September 2017 -- our wax now contains a custom blend of 100% paraffin waxes (firm, but easily sliceable -- no heating required) -- CURE TIME NO LONGER REQUIRED! :)

Whether you like simple scents or more complex scents, there's plenty to choose from!  Available in a variety of shapes and sizes (6oz - 9oz).

Be sure to check out our Specialty Blends (blends of 3-5 fragrances), our Specialty Blends: Game Night Collection, or get frisky and create your own blend in our CYO (create your own) Section

All of our scent descriptions can be found here

Regardless of shape chosen, your wax will come packaged in a clear polypropylene bag.  Available in size ranges of 6oz - 9oz.

** Weights are approximate.  Due to the handmade nature, please allow a small variance in actual weight per batch **

Colors will vary based on scent and my current mood :)  As a reminder, all sales are final.

THESE ARE NOT READY TO SHIP!  They follow the current TAT on the homepage.

Wax Melt FAQ 

Q: What kind of wax do you use?
Effective September 2017 -- our wax is now a custom blend of 100% paraffin waxes.  We formulated it to be firm, but easily sliceable.

Q: Do I need to cure your wax?
No, you do not.  It is ready to melt when you receive it, but you are certainly welcome to cure if you wish.  I'm not the boss of you ;)

Q: What kind of warmer works best with your new wax?
I tested our new formula in a Glade 13-watt, Glade 20-Watt, and a 24-watt warmer (all hotplate styles).  I personally didn't find the 13-watt to be strong enough for many scents.  The 20-watt performed well with the majority of scents -- this wattage gave a nice throw and allowed the scent to linger longer.  The 24-watt gave a banging throw on most scents, but the scent didn't last as long (tip if using this wattage: turn off the melter once it has melted and permeated the air -- turn on again later and repeat the process until the scent is gone).  I did not test in any bulb warmers.  I encourage you to try different warmer styles and wattages to find what works best for you and your home.

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 Product Reviews

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  1. Frankincense and Myrrh

    Posted by TL on Jun 6th 2018

    I’ve burned frankincense and myrrh incense throughout most of my adult life. Thus, I’ve become accustomed to a specific scent delivery system that provides a specific earthy, woody smokiness – the sort of scent one is likely to encounter when paying a visit to that shop on the square where they sell healing crystals, tarot cards, and vials of oil with names like Aphrodite's Origin and Apollo+Artemis: A Unisex Scent of the Gods, and everything is untouched and covered in dust. TDC's Frankincense & Myrrh wasn’t that for me. Not at first. When I first melted this, it was almost too powdery, and the smokiness I’d come to expect from frankincense and myrrh just wasn’t there. This is definitely more “ethereal” to my nose than the more grounded incense I’d been burning for years. Initially, I kept catching whiffs of Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil+Love’s Baby Soft. THAT SAID, I’ve come to love this! My new policy is to give scents time to work their magic before reviewing them. That’s what I did with F+M, and with each melting, I like this more and more. I like it as is, and I like it when blended with Cherry Tobacco, I like it on a plane, and I like it on a train (I made up those last two – I don’t travel nearly enough to test this, but probably, no one’s gonna let me melt anything on their mass transport vehicle). I will re-order this.

  2. Awesome

    Posted by Diane Elsaesser on May 24th 2018

    Amber's scents are the best I've found no other vendor can compete.Seriously!There's many more I want to try and I.usually do order a new to me scent with my normals and haven't been dissapointed yet.

  3. Pipe Tobacco: It's just right

    Posted by TL on May 10th 2018

    If there's a Goldilocks zone for tobacco scents, that's where Pipe Tobacco resides. Not as soft as Vanilla Tobacco and not as cherry as Cherry Tobacco, it's just right. It's perfect. I will for sure procure more of this!

  4. Fruit Loops is a workhorse! The scent is big and long-lasting, and the throw is mighty!

    Posted by TL on May 5th 2018

    When I smelled this cold, I got mostly lemon-scented furniture polish, but when I melted it… holy wow! I had a work deadline that kept me up through the night, and around 1:00am I popped two squares from a snap bar into the warmer. Minutes later, before the wax had completely melted, the entire room smelled like cereal, and it was wonderful. I turned off the warmer around 3:00am, and even now, eleven hours later, when I go into that room, I get a whiff of Froot Loops! I don’t usually look for foods scents, but this is such a happy scent, and it really settles in and makes itself at home. I will definitely order more of this! And I’m not usually one who wants to smell like food, but I think I want to smell like this a little bit. It’s just so good.

  5. Firewood is a perfect scent!

    Posted by TL on May 5th 2018

    I suspect it's not the kind of scent people seek out in the spring, and it does seem a little strange to melt it given that it's 90˚ here with full sun, but Firewood is so, so good. It's even better than I expected. It really smells like a wood burning stove! I also get the faintest hint of what I think is an orange-clove scent; it’s not what I’d consider a fall spice scent, especially since it’s barely noticeable, but it’s just something to give the overall scent a little more depth. I melted two squares and then a third from a snap bar, and while the scent remained fantastic up close, the throw was underwhelming. I love this scent so much, though, that I’m determined to work out how many squares I need to melt at once to get a good throw with this. Provided I’m able to do that, this will for sure go on my re-order list

  6. The Gardener can do it all!

    Posted by TL on May 4th 2018

    The Gardener has become my "mix with all things rooted" scent. On it's own, it does indeed smell like a vegetable garden, and that works to anchor certain florals (e.g., Honeysuckle) or to make "too-clean" forest blends dirtier and more outdoorsy. I plan to always have this scent on hand, provided TDC continues to make it available.

  7. Like a field of honeysuckle in my living room

    Posted by TL on May 4th 2018

    There is a field full of honeysuckle near my parents' house, and I've never been able to walk by that field without stopping to inhale the scent. TDC's Honeysuckle is that same scent. It's not fake or too floral; it's pleasant and unassuming, as it just hangs in the air without being too in-your-face. This is nice on it's own, but if you prefer blends to single scents, this is lovely when blended with The Gardener. The scent lasts and the throw is good.

  8. Once the cherry mellows, this is a great tobacco scent.

    Posted by TL on Apr 25th 2018

    I loved this beginning at about the three-hour mark. Before then, the cherry was just a bit too much for me, and honestly, I was afraid the tobacco would never fully emerge. When it finally did, though, it was wonderful! I love, love, love the scent of pipe tobacco, and after the cherry mellows, this doesn't disappoint. The scent lingers and the throw is good. Now that it's been added (or returned?) to the regular scent list, however, I'll probably order Pipe Tobacco once I've used up this Cherry Tobacco just because it will likely be lighter on the cherry and thus more suited to my taste. Still, this is a good tobacco, so it gets 5 starts from me.

  9. And Green Thumb asked, "Hey, wanna pretend you live in the country?"

    Posted by TL on Apr 23rd 2018

    TDC was kind enough to send me a sample of Green Thumb, and I'm so glad because it's everything I'd hoped it would be. I'm wary of most things floral, and I was concerned that the floral component here would be too much, too powdery, too cloying, too something, but it isn't any of that. It's really balanced with the green, grassy scent. It's not as "bright" as what one is likely to smell upon walking into a florist, but it's pleasant in a very similar way. It's like smelling flowers through an open window on a hot day; the floral scent is just in the air and not in your face, and the grassy bit has that sort of hot, dry, not freshly cut smell to it. I think I might also detect the faintest hint of fresh mint. If you adore floral-scented things, I expect you'll love this, and if you tend to shy away from floral-scented things because they can be too much and cause headaches, but you enjoy the scent of fresh flowers surrounded by a subdued greenness, I expect that you too will love this. Green Thumb allows me to pretend that instead of living in a super hot, super dry, overpopulated city where I'd have to pay $500 per square foot to procure a property with a lot upon which to plant something that smells this lovely, I live in the country, where land is relatively inexpensive and I can plant ALL the flowers. Also, this has great throw.

  10. Suede! Great scent, good throw, long-lasting!

    Posted by TL on Mar 22nd 2018

    Suede is a phenomenal scent. It's clean and masculine, but it's also just a little bit earthy. There's something mildly caramel-y here (the tonka bean, perhaps?), but I don't detect the individual components. Everything just blends together perfectly. I feel like this is what Ivory soap probably smells like in a parallel - and slightly better - universe. I generally prefer herbal, woodsy, greener, earthier, outdoorsy scents, but as long as TDC keeps Suede on offer, I'll keep buying it.

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