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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Upcoming changes/addition to wax

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Upcoming Changes / Additions (wax only)

I’ve been looking at my business the past few weeks from a “cost effective / time involved” standpoint.You guys know my wax pricing is incredibly fair (less per ounce than the current norm), so please keep that in mind before you yell at me for any changes you may not like ;)

Being able to pour a scent/ blend in “bulk” is obviously the larger time-saver compared to pouring smaller individual scents/blends one at a time.In addition, some “styles” of wax are more tedious/time-consuming than others when it comes to pouring and bagging (runts versus larger shapes versus wax loaf).With that said, the items in the RTS section are more cost effective than anything else I do…because I can pour several at once (exception: anything with chunks inside).Okay, technically, the wax loaves are the most cost effective, but they’re not as popular since the average person doesn’t want that many ounce of every scent J

So, in terms of pricing, I’m going to LOWER the cost on my RTS items to and average of $1.05/oz - $1.10/oz based on what shape/size/style it is – current average is $1.20/oz (NOTE: Wax Cups will remain $1.00/oz for now).

For those of you waiting for the other shoe to drop… I’m shifting that cost difference plus a little extra to my CYO wax options.The custom options will see an average increase of $0.50 - $0.75 per bag.I may be the only one who agrees with this opinion, but I still feel that’s a very fair price to pay to be able to custom blend your own scents (my opinions are free of charge) :pNo price change for the non-CYO options.


So, what are these additions I speak of?All of this is good news (another free opinion)…

New 6oz CYO shape options (in addition to the Jumbo Skulls) – I will be adding 4-Pack Owls & 4-Pack Mandalas (2nd Generation).The 6oz sizes are limited to blending TWO scents.If order volume for these increases substantially, I will increase the TAT for this size.

Now for the addition I think you’ll really love… if orange can be the new black, then specialty blends can become the new regulars, right?Stop jumping up and down so I can explain.Instead of limiting the Specialty Blends to just a few a month, I’m going to offer them all the time…with new additions as we go. I’m going to start with the ones on the current Specialty Blends Scent List.Over the next few weeks/months, I’ll go back in time and see if there are others I’ve done that need to be there.Yes, there’s a tiny catch.To be a time-saver/cost-effective product, these will ONLY be offered in 6oz Variety Bags (random shapes) and 14oz Wax Loaf (single pour with glitter/sprinkles option).My goal will be to pour extra shapes on the better sellers when they’re ordered, which saves me time in the long run.This means you may receive varying colors in your variety bag, but I doubt that’s an issue for anyone.As time allows, I hope to pour some of these in smaller variety bags for the RTS section – will be a smaller option for trying the blend (probably a 3oz bag), but will carry the RTS rates.


Overall, I hope these small changes work for the majority.My goal has always been to provide you with quality products at fair prices, but do have to occasionally make changes as things evolve to keep things running smoothly on this end.Thank you all so much for supporting our small business and allowing me to do what I love! <3

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