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IMPORTANT UPDATE/CHANGES effective immediately when we reopen....

With all good news (NEW 100% paraffin wax formula), some mixed news of good and bad inevitably follows.  I think this is everything -- if not, just know that any changes not mentioned here will be on the website when we reopen.

As many of you know, Brittany came back to work for me during the summer.  We were hopeful she would be able to continue on, but just prior to our closing for vacation, we found out she cannot.  While this may not seem like a huge deal, it is.  Just hiring someone else is not an option -- it took me nine months to fully train her.  That kind of time is not something I have, nor do I wish to put that kind of time and effort in others who probably won't stay on board long term.  

Since the birth of our CYO (create your own) section and the color/shapes addition to our wax, the wax orders alone have increased substantially. Many customers love having the ability to create their own fragrance blends in a world that usually chooses for you.  Brittany was handling ALL the bath/body products for orders since the wax orders alone have become a full time job for me...which I happen to LOVE...because, well, wax will always be my one true love! <3 The news of her not being able to continue working kinda backed me into a corner and forced me to make some big business decisions. I'm one person handling every aspect of this job with less help from Ken now, as his full time job takes up much of his time.

I suppose some vendors have dreams of owning a store one day or growing to the point of needing an army of employees and a bigger workspace.  That has never been my dream.  From day one, I never wanted to work outside my workshop at home.  I love being home with my dogs. I love that my pajamas are my uniform.  I love that my commute to work is down a flight of stairs. I tell you all of this to let you know that I don't want to expand and grow outside of what I can personally handle myself with the occasional help from hubby. 

To be honest, I LOVE the custom wax orders!  In addition to the fun part of it, the larger wax sizes and custom ordering process have solved one large constant problem we've continued to have over the past nine years -- waste! While I understand that waste is inevitable for any company, the goal for any company is to lessen the amount.  When you have a large fragrance inventory like I do, it's easy for scents to get lost.  That part I fully understand.  But no matter how much people claim a fragrance to be their favorite, they are always on the hunt for something new.  Falcor, for example, was a fast favorite for many.  Now everyone wants to see Falcor mixed with everything and have it offered in every product.  This process has been repeated for years.  It's how I ended up with over 600 blends at one point, and why I have a few hundred pounds of fragrance oils currently going to waste in my basement because they were once someone's favorite.  It's also why I continue to have constant 1oz wax cups that just sit in the bucket being little dust collectors.  I have large boxes full of unpurchased wax melts.  We must make changes in order to stop this cycle.  

We looked at our product line and we looked at our fragrance choices. Because of the volume of CYO (create your own) and larger bags of wax orders that I do, along with the bath/body products falling back to me, we have to remove some dead weight from our lineup and cut back on some of the options available.  I tried to add some good to replace the bad, so I do hope that helps balance things out some.  While I'd love to try and please all types of customers, please know that these decisions were not taken lightly.  They are simply the best decisions for our business at this time so that I can continue doing what I love...and so that I can continue offering some bath & body products.  If it were up to me, I'd only do wax :D 

The following changes are necessary and effective immediately when we reopen...

TAT (turn around time): the time it takes to make your items and package them for shipping

* RTS (ready to ship) wax items will ship in 1-7 business days (excludes weekends and postal holidays)
* For all other orders, please allow up to 15 business days (might be 2 days, but might be 15 days) since everything else is made to order.  Please allow a little extra time for larger orders (over $200) - I will contact you if I don't feel like your order can ship within the 15 business days.  I will increase the TAT if needed, but will never allow it to get above 4 weeks -- I'll make some other type of changes if it gets to that point.

NOTE: The only way I was able to get the orders shipped out faster before was with Brittany's help and me working 70+ hours a week again.  Ken reminded me of my promise to myself not to do that.  Everything you order from us is made to order (except RTS) -- it's the only way we've been able to offer that many product/scent choices all these years.  If I am to keep some bath and body products in our lineup, I must have ample time to make everything without having to work that many hours a week.  Beast Mode almost killed me :p 


For right now, I have removed some 'dead weight' from our lineup.  Due to increased order volume, I've fallen behind on doing inventory.  I have so many oils.  When time allows, I intend to go through all of them (past and recent oils removed) and decide what to do with them.  It's just not something I have time to decide on at the moment.  Many slow sellers removed only had a few ounces left, and are not being reordered.  You still have plenty to choose from, I promise :)  I will continue to add new oils from time to time for your blending shenanigans.  I have a few new ones being added when we reopen. 

IMPORTANT: Any 'specialty' blends (scent + scent + scent) that I've added since February are not going to be available when we reopen.  Many of them can be recreated as a custom blend.  Going forward, I will be offering specialty blends on a limited time basis only....but probably not until after the new year.  I enjoy creating those types of blends for you to try, but will no longer add them as a permanent scent.


* A quick note about wax warmers and our new formula.... I did testing in 13 watt Glade, 20 watt Glade, and a random 24 watt warmer I have.  The 13 watt really struggled on many of the scents -- it took an hour to melt it and just didn't give as strong of a throw.  The 20 watt is still the sweet spot for our wax.  The 24 watt gives a killer scent throw, but it dies off after a few hours -- if you use this wattage, you can always turn the melter off once it scents your room to make the scent last longer.  Just melt it in spurts :)  I did not test with a bulb warmer since I do not have one.

Because we have a new paraffin wax formula, I do feel it is important to offer a smaller size in some scents for everyone to try for a little while.

1) We're switching back to our 2oz cups.  I'm down to just one case of our 1oz cups, and I will be using those for sample sizes as a time saver until they're gone (bagging takes a LONG time).  Because our new formula is softer, I'm not filling the cups up to the brim.  Leaving that little bit of space is needed to 'break the seal' and get the wax out.  They come out clean -- just give the lip a squeeze and then push on the bottom.  They'll contain 1.4 - 1.5 ounces of wax.  The new scents will be offered in this size.  Because of our new formula, I will also choose 50 or so scents to offer at least through the end of the year.  After that, only new scents will be offered in the 2oz cup....possibly samplers or other types of specials.  All of that is just undecided at the moment.  IMPORTANT: I'm bringing back several scents that we've carried in the past.  These scents will NOT be offered in the 2oz cup as a new scent.  I'm not sure how long they'll hang around.  I may only keep them until they're gone.  Too many variables at the moment.

2) Our scent list is too large for me to keep everything poured and in stock.  With the volume of custom orders, I simply cannot do it.  This may surprise you, but the larger sizes far outsell the smaller size I was offering...which works great for me (made to order -- no waste).  With the exception of the 2oz cups I will try to keep poured and in stock, everything else will now be made to order.  For this reason, the smallest size available in all scents will be 6oz bags (12-pack of Runts or 8-pack of Roses) -- pricing to be determined.  I'm sorry, but it's just not cost-effective for me to pour anything smaller one at a time.

3) Since everyone loves trying something new all the time, but not all want/need a large bag, how do I offer smaller amounts without the commitment of yet another permanent blend?  And how do I satisfy the need for instant gratification for those who hate to wait?  Some of the CYO creations from our customers just became your RTS (ready to ship) section.  I will be pouring extras of some of their blends.  I know that everyone hates inventory control, but it's necessary on this type of product.  ((Remember, there is no inventory control on any other products, so you can still order those products at your convenience just like always)).  This method allows a constant stream of new blends to be added for you to try that you can recreate yourself should you fall in love.  They will be offered in a 4-pack of our new Wax Buds: Mums shape (approximately 2.5 ounces). To keep things simple, these blends will not get new 'scent names' -- instead, the actual scent names being used in the blend will be put in the title and labeled the same way. The extras I make will only be made once, so grab it if you want to try it.  IMPORTANT: Due to our vacation and all orders being caught up when we left, it will take a few weeks to get this section filled with a large variety.  Once the CYO orders start flooding in again, you'll start seeing an ever-changing variety :) 

3) Wax Chunks coming soon!!  I've been playing while testing.  I love making the chunks, but they are time-consuming.  With the extended TAT, my hope is that I'll have time to get some up and running.  They will be offered in the RTS section with inventory control.

4) NEW SHAPES: The Mandalas and Pigs that I showed you in our Facebook group will be available in 6-Packs. The Mandalas will be one of each design (total weight: approx. 7.5 ounces).  The Piggy Melts will be one of each design (total weight: approx. 8.0 ounces) for $7.50.  Colors will vary based on scent and my current mood ;)  These will come packaged in polypropylene bags.  CYO options will be available in these.

5) Speaking of packaging.... NO MORE BAKERY BAGS!  Although I like the look of them, they're extremely bulky and take up wasted real estate in the package, where I might otherwise be able to package your goodies in a smaller box saving you money.  In addition, I'm still just not convinced they're as good to store in since they don't truly fully seal.  So, effective immediately, all wax items will be bagged in polypropylene zip bags like before.  Yes, the softer formula smears on the bags.  The majority already voted that they don't mind.  For those of you who do mind, I'm sorry :(  I'd rather your wax maintain its freshness.


1) Due to slow sales, our lip balms and hand sanitizer are no longer available. 

2) CYO (create your own) changes: we've added the option for you to blend up to THREE scents ((valid on select products in the 8oz size ONLY)) --- PLEASE know that I only recommend this for simpler scents.  Blending three overly complex scents is NOT recommended.  I'm also removing the ability to name your custom blends (for wax and b&b) until I find a label maker or some way to label it other than handwritten -- that just really bothers me.


1) Good News Alert! (finally -- haha!)  NEW Easy Order Pages for b&b products and most wax items not in the RTS section. Instead of having separate categories and individual listings for each product, there is now ONE listing for all them.  If Shop by Product and Shop by Scent had a baby, this is it!  You will select your product, select your scent, and add to cart.  Repeat that process from the same listing for the items you wish to buy.  All of the product ingredients for each product, as well as the scent list for those products are in the product listing.  This is the closest to shop by scent that I could manage.  You CAN search by scent in the search bar.  If a scent is available in the particular product you're wanting to buy, this listing will show up in your search.  If it doesn't show up, that scent is NOT available in that product.  With Room Spray not fitting into either category, they are listed all by themselves in their own category.  My goal was to make the website as simple and easy as possible, yet keep the updates manageable for me.  

6) Speaking of scent lists.... No more "master" scent list!  What should have been a convenient thing for everyone has been nothing but a headache for 9 years.  You wanted an easier way to keep up with what scents are available in which products.  Each product listing will now have their own individual scent list within.  If the scent is not on the list in the product listing or in the dropdown box, it's not available in that product/size.


I know this was a big bomb to drop!  I love you guys and have been super stressed over this, so please be gentle with me ;)  I know every decision doesn't suit every person, but this is what I needed to do for me and the business as I head towards the next decade of TDC.  From the bottom of my heart, know that I appreciate each and every one of you! Looking forward to everyone trying the new wax formula!!

Thank you for your continued support of TDC! <3

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