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TDC changes - effective September 2018

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In order for me and our business to thrive, some new changes are in effect beginning September 1, 2018.  This is certainly not everything, but some aspects have not been worked out yet.  


  • We are shifting our business model back to having RTS (ready to ship) wax melts as our primary focus.  Due to the often labor-intensive process of custom/made to order wax, they must take a back seat with pretty big changes to remain in our lineup.  
  • Our 'ready to ship' lineup will be ever-changing.  For our business, making the same thing over and over for the RTS menu does not work.  No scent or blend will be offered more than twice as 'ready to ship' -- some will only be once.  If possible, any favorites will need to be ordered one of two ways we will be offering custom/made to order wax melts (discussed further below).

RTS (ready to ship) RESTOCK DATES & TIME

  • So that our restocks can be during my working hours, our new restock time will be 10:00 AM EST every other Friday....beginning September 14th. If that specific time doesn't work for me as I hope, I may need to do a 'floating' timeframe (3-hour window), in which case you will need to be in our Facebook group so you can know exactly when the restock is going live....or you can refresh for three hours ;)  Specific time-frames don't always work out...because life happens.
  • NEW: we will be adding some RTS bath/body items in smaller sizes soon.  It may not be during every restock since Ken's full time job often dictates how much time he can give to his portion of the business.  It's hard to know what everyone wants to smell like, so feel free to post your requests in the Facebook thread mentioned next :)
  • RESTOCK REQUESTS: I will be posting a 'restock request' thread at the end of each restock weekend.  If there are scents/blends you wish to try, you are welcome to suggest them.  I cannot possibly pour every request, and some won't be made due to it not being a fan favorite, but I will do my best to pour what I can of any I feel others may purchase and enjoy.  As a courtesy to me, PLEASE do not make a request if you do not plan on making a purchase during the next restock you are making requests for.


  • 1-7 business days for all 'ready to ship' wax items and all bath/body products (exception: any items placed during special preorders will have different processing times)
  • Our processing time excludes the day you order, weekends, postal holidays, and shipping time to you


  • As previously mentioned in our Facebook group, I will not be ordering/re-ordering any fragrance oils until I get through most of what I have on hand. I have SO MANY fragrance oils, so I simply cannot justify buying more right now. EXCEPTION: I will make sure current best sellers remain in stock...until they become slow sellers. I simply cannot keep hundreds of fragrance oils in stock for use, so do know that many will not ever be reordered. No one needs that many choices, so any arguments you're forming in your head are invalid ;) And, no, I will not be creating a list nor discussing which ones -- best sellers change based on sales.  Just please understand that I cannot keep an oil on hand when only a handful of people order it every few months or years.
  • I have added many past fragrances back to the lineup, as well as some new ones. The list will continue to change (used oils removed and more added) until my inventory gets manageable.


  • We are stripping them of their 'scent name' -- while scent names are often cute or theme-related, the scent profile is what makes a blend easier to identify.  Example: Mrs. White doesn't really tell you what the scent may be like, but having Toasted Marshmallow + Vanilla Ice Cream + Pie Crust on the label does.
  • Specialty Blends were created to give those who may be overwhelmed or not confident in coming up with their own blends.  I will more than likely try to make changes to the list every couple of months to keep it fresh and full of new blends.  You're always welcome to order any past favorites as a custom under our new terms...and as long as the scents in that blend are still available for purchase.

CUSTOM / MADE TO ORDER Wax Options (12oz+ sizes)

  • The only custom/made to order wax options offered daily will be a few select styles in 12oz+ sizes. Due to the required processing time and our busy holiday schedule, they will NOT be available for purchase November 15 - December 31.  In addition, there may be times along the way that I will need to make them unavailable for purchase, but will always do my best to give advanced notice.
  • All custom/made to order wax options are receiving an average price increase to $1.25/oz and will require a 3-4 week processing time (excludes day of order, weekends, postal holidays, and shipping time to you).
  • As a perk for your patience, you WILL be able to add other things to your custom order during the stated processing time (ready to ship items, etc).  Once your custom order is marked as "Complete/Awaiting Shipment" you CANNOT add anything else to that order and will need to place a separate order for any additional items.
  • Daily Custom / Made to Order options are for regular scents and for CYO (create your own) blends.  Glitter and/or candy sprinkles will be offered as optional add-ons at no extra charge.  Color will be the default option, but you may order dye free if you wish.
  • Due to the 'scent availability' clause mentioned above, and the near impossible task of keeping track of fragrance oil levels on that many being offered, something you order may be unavailable.  Please make sure the email you provide is one you check often, so that we can discuss alternatives.  If a response is not received within 72 hours, that portion of your order will be cancelled and refunded.  I will do my absolute best to remove any fragrances no longer available...or possibly mark ones that have low amounts left.

CUSTOM / MADE TO ORDER Wax Options (6oz - 9.5oz sizes)

  • The smaller 6oz - 9.5oz wax sizes/shapes will be offered in the near future (start date not set) every other month during a short ordering window (probably 4 days), followed by an occasional 'piggyback preorder' 24 hours later for 2 days (explained below).  There will be a maximum number total I will allow to be ordered each month so that I can stay within the processing time, yet still have time to pour plenty of 'ready to ship' items.
  • What is a Piggyback Preorder?  You will be allowed to order a Wax Melt Cup of select scents/blends ordered by customers during the 4-day ordering window providing I have enough fragrance oil to make extras.  
  • The processing time will be the same 3-4 weeks, with the same option to 'add on' to your order while you're patiently waiting ;)  Same cutoff mentioned above applies.
  • I have to get the logistics of everything else in order before I can work these in. 
  • I will update you in the Facebook group when I am able to get these rolling, and more details will be given at that time. I'm still working on the who, what, when, and where. My main focus at the moment is the 'ready to ship' section.


  • We will be moving our shipping days to Tuesday - Thursday
  • We can no longer guarantee shipping on preferred days, so please keep that in mind before ordering


  • We can no longer 'hold orders' to combine with future orders, nor combine multiple orders EXCEPT in the following cases:
  • EXCEPTION #1: we WILL allow customers who purchase custom/made to order items to add on to their orders during the specified processing time.  Special coupon codes may be given for this purpose to override shipping cost for add-ons.
  • EXCEPTION #2: we WILL combine multiple orders placed during 'restock' weekends (orders placed Thursday - Monday of that weekend) -- this gives you a tiny window prior to restocks to snag anything you don't want to chance missing out on if there's only a few left.  
  • EXCEPTION #3: we WILL hold and combine International orders through TWO restocks since their actual shipping costs are astronomical.  
  • Any multiple orders placed outside of the exceptions mentioned above will NOT be combined.  We are currently keeping our $5.00 flat rate for all U.S. orders.

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