Clearance ~ 2oz Scent Shot - Extras from Customs (LIMITED QTY)

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Product Overview

2oz Scent Shot Wax Melts! These are extras poured from various custom orders, so quantities are limited!! 

Each 2oz scent shot holds approximately 1.5oz of scented wax.

View our MASTER SCENT LIST for any needed individual scent descriptions.

Effective September 2017, our wax melts are made with our own custom blend of 100% paraffin waxes. They're formulated to be firm, but easily cut if needed. NO CURE TIME IS REQUIRED -- they are ready to melt when you receive them!

Our wax can be used in most warmers, but we do recommend at least a 20-watt hotplate or 25-watt bulb warmer for best performance. NOTE: The new lower wattage Glade warmers DO NOT work well with our wax. If your wax melter leaves a rim of wax around the edge while melting, it's not hot enough. To remove the wax after the scent is gone, either dump it out while it's still melted or use a few cotton balls to soak up spent wax. Many customers use a silicone cupcake liner to melt the wax to make cleanup easier -- allow the wax to cool and harden and flip it out of the mold. Easy breezy!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review