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Frequently Asked Questions

Hours of Operation
Q: How often are you open?
A: As a general rule, we are always open.  On occasion, I do take an occasional few days here and there throughout the year for vacation, business trips with hubby, or to catch up on TDC chores :)  I generally give notice in our facebook group or via newsletter. 

TAT (turn-around-time) & Shipping Info
Q: What is your TAT?
A: We keep an accurate TAT on our homepage at all times.  Our TAT excludes weekends, postal holidays, and shipping time to you.  

Q: How often do you ship packages?
A: From September - May: we ship Monday - Friday.  From June - August: we only ship Monday - Wednesday due to summer temperatures.  This helps to ensure that your goodies aren't stuck on a hot mail truck somewhere over the weekend. 

Wax Melt FAQ:
Q: What kind of wax do you use?  
A: We use our own special parasoy (a blend of soy and paraffin waxes)

Q: Does your wax require a cure time?
A: Yes and No :)  Our wax performs better with a minimum of a 2-week cure (the longer it sits, the stronger it gets).  Any wax WITHOUT a pour date sticker on the packaging is cured and ready to go!  If they were poured less than two weeks ago, I will provide a pour date sticker.  PLEASE allow a minimum of 2-weeks from the pour date.  This is especially important for your CYO (create your own) blends.  The blended scents truly evolve and change over time.  It's worth the wait! 

Q: How long do your wax melts last?
A: The average is 10-12 hours...however...some scents have been known to last for days.  Longevity varies based on the type of scent, individual sniffers, type of warmer, etc  

Q: What type of warmer works best with your wax?
A: We do our testing in a 20-watt electric hot-plate style warmer.  Glade electric warmers can be found at Target and Walmart for around $10.  Customers have also reported good luck with tea light warmers and bulb warmers that have a higher wattage bulb.  Scentsy warmers have received mixed reviews.  Some report that they are fine, while others say that they will melt the wax but won't give good throw.  We recommend you trying different styles to see which type works best for you. 

Q: Why are there varying shades of color in the wax?  I thought they were dye-free?
A: We add no color to our wax.  The ingredients used to make fragrance oils cause varying shades in the oil.  They range from clear to dark brown.  This impacts the outcome of the wax color.

OUR POLICIES PAGE WILL ANSWER MOST OTHER QUESTIONS -- if not, please feel free to send us an email at tendigitcreations2008@gmail.com


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