MADE TO ORDER Wax Melts - SNAP BAR (6oz) - Select Blends Available (OFFER ENDS SEPTEMBER 30)

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Product Overview

Wax Melt Snap Bars - FULL SIZE BARS!  THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER (ship in 3-15 business days)

These are some past blends we've done in collections or somewhere along the way, so it's your chance to get them again in a smaller size than our custom options.  Color will vary based on scent and my current mood ;) No glitter/candy sprinkles option on these.

Each snap bar is approx. 6oz+

These blends are available to order through September 30th -- or as long as I have the fragrances on hand.

Wax Melt FAQ 

Q: What kind of wax do you use?
 Effective September 2017 -- our wax is now a custom blend of 100% paraffin waxes.  We formulated it to be firm, but easily sliceable.

Q: Do I need to cure your wax?
No, you do not.  It is ready to melt when you receive it, but you are certainly welcome to cure if you wish.  I'm not the boss of you ;)

Q: What kind of warmer works best with your new wax?
I tested our new formula in a Glade 13-watt, Glade 20-Watt, and a 24-watt warmer (all hotplate styles).  I personally didn't find the 13-watt to be strong enough for many scents.  The 20-watt performed well with the majority of scents -- this wattage gave a nice throw and allowed the scent to linger longer.  The 24-watt gave a banging throw on most scents, but the scent didn't last as long (tip if using this wattage: turn off the melter once it has melted and permeated the air -- turn on again later and repeat the process until the scent is gone).  I did not test in any bulb warmers.  I encourage you to try different warmer styles and wattages to find what works best for you and your home.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review