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They will be available in certain products until they are gone

Baby Powder ~ smells just like the real thing

Bamboo ~ clean green aroma of fresh bamboo stalks

Blackberry Jam ~ homemade jam made with sweet blackberries and sugar

Blackberry Sage ~ fresh blackberries and herbal sage

Butter Rum Cappuccino ~ a warm cappuccino with a splash of buttered rum

Cafe Vienna ~ coffee sweetened with vanilla, caramel, and brown sugar

Cherry Vanilla ~ cherries, vanilla, and a touch of muscadine grape

Chocolate Covered Strawberries ~ juicy strawberries dipped in creamy milk chocolate

Chocolate & Roses ~ sweet milk chocolate and a bouquet of fresh roses

Cocoa Bean & Sugarcane ~ rich cocoa and raw sugarcane laced with bits of patchouli and musk for warmth

Coriander & Tonka ~ coriander and tonka with notes of amber, tobacco, and sweet vanilla

Cranberry Citrus ~ cranberries, grapefruit, tangerine, orange, and lemon-lime

Dragonfly ~ jasmine blooms, fresh air, and sunshine

Frosted Lime Cupcake ~ a vanilla cupcake topped with lime buttercream frosting

Green Tea & Cucumber ~ fresh combination of green tea and cucumber

Herb Patch ~ a fresh and clean spa fragrance with hints of fresh lavender and rosemary

Honey Almond ~ nutty blend of sweet golden honey and buttery almond with a touch of fruit

Honey Lemon ~ refreshing combo of honey and lemon

Hyacinth ~ freshly picked hyacinth flowers

Ice Cream Sandwich ~ sweet vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookie wafers

Island Fresh Gain ~ just like the detergent...fresh laundry dried in a tropical ocean breeze

Jelly Donut ~ a delicious glazed donut stuffed with strawberry jam filling

Lemon Coconut Bars ~ sweet lemon bars with tons of shredded coconut

Lemon Sugar Bundt Cake ~ fresh from the oven

Lemongrass & Coconut ~ zesty lemongrass, pineapple, bergamot, brown sugar, and coconut

Mandarin Cranberry ~ sweet mandarin oranges and tart cranberries

Mango Peach Salsa ~ sweet mangos and fresh peaches

Merlin’s Forest - cedar spice mellowed by sultry powdered amber, wild briar rose, and zesty bergamot

Mint Chocolate ~ loads of dark chocolate with sweet peppermint

Mocha Mint Marshmallow ~ fluffy marshmallows with peppermint and chocolate chips

Neapolitan Ice Cream ~ the famous icecream of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla

Nice Melons ~ an assortment of summer melons...what did you think we meant? ;)

Olive Blossom ~ fresh and clean aroma composed of fresh olive leaves, green ivy, crisp orange, with subtle notes of sandalwood and musk

Orange Caramel Crumble ~ pound cake topped with an orange caramel glaze

Orange Chocolate Truffles ~ sweet treat composed of dark chocolate and juicy orange

Orange Vanilla Coffee ~ coffee infused with sweet orange and creamy vanilla

Orchid Rain ~ blend of orchid, peony, water lily, watercress, aloe, and bamboo

Pineapple & Ginger ~ fresh chunks of pineapple topped with crushed ginger

Pink Lilac & Willow ~ lilac blossoms, blue willow, water lilies, and fresh greens

Plaid Blanket ~ get cozy with rich amber, warm woods, and fresh clean cotton

Poolside Paradise ~ blood oranges, sweet pineapples, mandarin oranges, a hint of cherry, a splash of sweet vanilla

Raspberry Cupcake ~ a decadent cupcake topped with sweet raspberry cream frosting

Rattlesnake Grass ~ fresh leafy greens showered with sweet orange flowers ((NOT SKIN SAFE))

Rootbeer ~ smells just like the soda

Sage & Pepper Leaf ~ clary sage, fresh basil, eucalyptus, spicy pepper leaf, and thyme

Sea Salt & Rice Flower ~ sea salt mingled with creamy rice flower, citrus peel, and cotton blossoms

Snuggle Wild Orchid Vanilla ~ just like the fabric softener

Suspect (Blue Line) ~ strawberry, passionfruit, bergamot, honey 

Tahitian Orchid ~ a blend of white orchids and tropical fruit

Tiki Island ~ toasted coconut and vanilla musk with hints of orchid petals and green leaves

Tomato Vine ~ fresh herbal aroma of tomatoes straight off the vine

Tropical Colada ~ coconut, pineapple, tangerine, sugar, vanilla, and rum

Tropical Fruit & Mint ~ mango, papaya, guava, strawberry, and cool peppermint

Unruly (Blue Line) ~ top notes of violet with warm vanilla, ylang ylang, and vetivert

Vanilla Lime ~ creamy vanilla and zesty lime

Vanilla Supreme ~ the ultimate vanilla, rich and creamy

Watermelon Taffy ~ saltwater taffy flavored in juicy watermelon

White Tea Lemonade ~ white tea leaves nestled into a fresh batch of zesty lemonade

Witness (Blue Line) ~ peppermint, spearmint, neroli, clove, black pepper


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