About Us

Ten Digit Creations has been proudly enabling your addiction to wax since 2008.  We are a husband and wife team just livin' the dream on five acres with our pets (the spawn are all grown and living on their own). 


Amber (aka Bert -- childhood nickname...semi-long story): big boss, mastermind, lunatic in charge, etc.  I enjoy romantic strolls through the park and long walks on the beach.  Just kidding.  I like my dogs and cats.  The end.

Ken (aka Spider Man -- another semi-long story): my hubby and good lookin' co-owner.  Although he has a full time job (he has a badge and gun), he still helps several hours a week bagging and labeling.  I'm too type A personality to let him do anything else ;)

Frito and Nova: spoiled rotten canine supervisors 

Bullet and Raz: spoiled rotten feline supervisors

In loving memory of past TDC canine and feline supervisors... Miss Bird, James, Uncle Fester, Trigger, and White Kitty <3